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Commonly employed across all of my projects, it provides optional static typing and modern features, enhancing robust development practices.

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript, celebrated for its optional static typing and contemporary features, stands as a cornerstone in virtually all of my projects, ensuring robust development practices and fostering innovation.

React, Zustand

A cutting-edge JavaScript library for front-end development, offering a component-based approach for efficient rendering and dynamic user interfaces.


React simplifies front-end development with server-side rendering, automatic code splitting, and SEO-friendly features, empowering developers to create dynamic and responsive web applications with ease

PHP, Twig

A versatile scripting language powering dynamic web development with its server-side capabilities, database integration, and extensive library support.


The cornerstone of modern web development, it furnishes the essential structure and semantics necessary for crafting interactive and accessible websites that cater to diverse user needs and preferences.

CSS, Sass, & Tailwind

The styling language that brings life to web pages, offering powerful design capabilities for creating visually stunning and responsive websites.

Styled Components

A CSS-in-JS library tailored for React, it empowers developers to effortlessly style components using JavaScript, thereby simplifying the process of crafting dynamic and reusable UI elements with enhanced flexibility and control.

UI design in Figma

A collaborative design tool revolutionizing the way teams create, prototype, and collaborate on user interfaces, with its intuitive interface, real-time collaboration, and powerful design features.


A robust runtime environment executes JavaScript code server-side, fostering scalable and efficient back-end development with its event-driven architecture and vast package ecosystem.

PostgreSQL & GraphQL

A modern API query language and runtime, GraphQL offers developers a flexible and efficient way to fetch and manipulate data, enabling precise data definition and requests.


The premier cloud platform provides a range of scalable services for computing, storage, database, and more, enabling businesses to innovate and grow cost-effectively.

Additional technologies and skills

Discover my additional skills and expertise, elevating projects to new heights of quality and efficiency.

Git, Github







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